command prompt is showing 'command' is not recognized as operable program or batch file.

1. it is not accepting any command
2. and i am thinking that my path is not correct as it is showing A:\Users\Lenovo>
3. where (a) is my system drive.
4. may the path should be a:\windows\ststem32 ?
reply me soon
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  1. Generally it will go to C:\users\ (USERID) so if you are user Ted then C:\Users\ted can go to C:\ or C:\windows
  2. i am not understanding what you are trying to tell me?
  3. When you go to command prompt - it is directing you to the A: drive the system drive (where commands, executables etc are is normally the C: drive - A: drive is normally a floppy or optical drive
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    I think the real question here should be, what are you trying to run at the command prompt that it is not letting you... the symantecs of how the command prompt displays by default is really not an issue... if you open it, whatever it displays is going to be the correct value, as the default is set by windows and it will run any command that is within the windows directory regardless of whether you have the windows directory selected in command prompt.

    So, what command/s are you trying to run and what are you trying to achieve with them?
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