Trying to make secondary hard drive the main cache for all other downloads while SSD is master question.

I have a 64 gb SSD as main bootup hard drive, while i have a 1 tb hard drive for all my other stuff, games, music, apps, etc. But im just wondering if there is a way to automatically make all things that you download, go onto the secondary hard drive? Seems like an absolutely dumb question, but ive searched for an answer and nothing. Reason i ask is because everytime i download something my avail. space on my SSD goes down, even though i set the download location for the item i downloaded to the secondary drive.. Is there something that i may be doing wrong? or not realizing?
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  1. yes. google "remap mydocuments folder" and it'll show you examples. you can remap mydocs, mypics, myvids, mydownloads, etc onto another hard drive, and it's a "permanent" remapping. quite handy. part of the remapping process is that windows will automatically move any existing content, so you don't need to do any work ahead of time. just make a new folder, remap, wait, and see it complete.

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