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Hi, I don't know wth is up with my computer lately, but most of the time Internet Explorer 9 takes up around 250 000k when I'm watching a video online. You will probably say: Try google chrone or firefox or bla bla, but it doesn't work it takes as much if not more memory. When I open a page(heck just google) it starts off at 35 000k. There's a freaking problem. I'm playing spider solitaire on my computer and it takes up 50 000k memory, itunes takes 52 000k too. Why is my computer that lame? I have windows vista with around 4 GO of memory, and I have no clue what the problem is. My computer started getting worst after I formatted last year.. Well thanks for the help!
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  1. Hey, thanks for your reply. Yea every program is using high memory. Spider solitaire: 50 mb, itunes 50 mb, internet explorer 70 MB at the moment, when i play starcraft the usage for the game is around 500 mb, it can go up to 1500 mb for some reason.. My pc was custom built around 6-7 years ago, processor is : Intel(R) CorE(TM)2 CPU, Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bits. I liked Xp better too, but since they stopped making upgrades for it I had to change for vista 2 years ago and ever since I got vista problems keep popping up on a daily basis!
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