some games of this days lags on my system

hey guys! some of pc games like nfs the run,nfsmw2,nfsrivals,battlefield3,4,etc lags on my system..everything is in slow motion.. my system specs are windows 7,dualcore 2.5Ghz E5200 processor with 3gb ram and 1gb ati raedon hd 5450 graphics card,320 hdd. does i need to upgrade anything or there is another problm causing lag? pls help me out???????
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  1. well, your cpu is old and slow (2.5ghz is not enough these days), and a 5450 is slow (even when it first came out).
    good gpu's start at around $200.
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    As far as needing up upgrade "anything" you pretty much need to upgrade everything.

    CPU is to slow and only Dual Core
    Ram to low 8gig standard for gaming rigs these days.
    The HD 5450 was low end when it came out and even more so now. Plus with only 1gig VRam that is not really enough for most newer games anymore.

    You might be able to play some of those games with a good GPU if the game was not to CPU bound but really for most it would be a big bottleneck. You did not list your PSU but my guess would be that it would not handle a GPU upgrade anyway.

    Sorry I know that is not what you really wanted to hear but the truth is you need a complete system upgrade as there is not one thing that could be done to make it play those games very good at all it is just to outdated and would not be worth putting money into.
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