all my case fans are running at max speed?

i just took out my graphics card to put in another motherboard to see if the old gpu was dead or if its the motherboard. i put it back in the pc im on right now and hooked it up and all my fans are running at max speed, i unplugged the gpu and turned it on again and it still runs at max speed. i went on msi afterburner and changed the gpu fan speed to 30% and it didnt change its at max still. i have no idea what happened or what to do
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    The GPU is dispelling more heat into the case and CPU fans should work harder to keep the CPU cool.Fan will run faster when the case gets hotter
  2. Sry i forgot to update this. It was just my gpu but it was so loud that it sounded like all my fans
  3. so the GPU is making the noise ?
  4. Yes. The minimum fan speed somehow got changed to 20rpm less 5160 than the max fan speed 5190. All i did was take it out of the case and put it in another motherboard to test the motherboard. Then i put it back and the second i turn it on it goes to max speed
  5. just try to update the drivers may it'll help it worked for many try and reply
  6. I reinstalled the drivers, didnt fix it. Im gonna contact evga and see
  7. if it fixed reply back here
  8. it needs a rma, its a fan setting issue on the card
  9. so now it fixed ?
  10. No evga told me to fill out a ticket to send it in, i did and they approved it so im going to send it back and get a new one as a replacment
  11. glad it's going to be fixed :)
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