My pc will auto restart when i play high end games

I nid some help here
My pc will auto restart everytime when i play some high end games can some one tell me why?

My pc spec is here
Cpu: i7 4770k
Gpu: gtx 780
Motherboard: Asus A87k
Psu: consair builder series vs650W
Ram: 8Gb
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  1. Did you check the temps?
  2. i cant even play i start the game with ultra setting about 30 sec only it will restart sometime jus 10 sec only be4 start the game my gpu temps is 37C tat is imposible tat 30sec gaming will over heat rite?
  3. Is that psu VS650 or CX650?

    Have u overclocked anything?
  4. i have only 1 80mm exhaust fan in my case and i have no problems playing crysis 3 or metro LL..
  5. Vs650
    No i only buy my pc for 3 days so i have do nth on my pc yet all come with original
  6. Well for a gpu like GTX 780 , u went quite cheap with the psu. But still the psu should be good enough to power it. Have u checked all the cables are properly connected like nothing is loose?
  7. Yes i plug it all correctly and still capture send to my fren see... But he also dunno why will be like this... Is tat can be any dmg for my gpu?
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    It could be a possibility that one of the components might be defective. But could u get a good psu from anywhere to check whether it's not a psu problem
  9. Foldalot said:
    Did you check the temps?

    yes of cource it reached about 70 to 80oc
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