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Hey guys,
So a while back, I wanted to create an overclocked dedicated server so I built a server with a 3770k overclocked to 4.6Ghz. It had an h100i cooler + an asus motherboard. Recently, however, I wanted to take the server home in order to upgrade it so I bought a 4770k and a MSI MPower MB as I heard those were good at overclocking. For some reason, however, I seem to be getting extremely high temps. I am contemplating over if it was one of the following issues.

- Cooler broken (seems the light turns off after boot, but I still feel the liquid pumping. I assume that the light burnt after months of constant power?)
- The MB had 2 8 pin connectors for the CPU; however, my 380W PSU only had one 8 pin connector so I plugged that one in. I read online that one would be suffient though.

Despite those two things, I don't know what else could have gone wrong to make my temps extremely high. They get up to 80 degrees celcius ON IDLE. It would be great if you guys can help me out here. Thanks.
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  1. Have you tried reapplying the thermal compound and adjusting the water block make sure it isn't to tight
  2. Hello,
    I have readjusted the CPU block a few times, but it seems to have the same result every time ;(
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    If the radiator fans are blowing, and your sure about the pump/heat sink installation to the CPU, it sounds like there may be some blockage in the circulating system or the pump is not working properly.

  4. Well,
    I'm not quite sure about the pump as we have used the same pump for the past 4 months. I also feel that one of the tubes is warm while the other is cold meaning a circulation? Can it be an issue with not putting in both 8 pin cpu connectors? Thanks
  5. If you don't connect the 8-pin connector, it may not boot but it will not cause it to overheat.

  6. I switched it out with the stock cooler to see if there was a difference in temperature and it seemed to be a lot better. Guess I just have to purchase a new H100i. Thanks
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