Toshiba Satelite P75-A7200 or Lenovo Ideapad G710?

Hello everybody
I need some help and advice. I am a structural engineer using complex software for analysis of structures. I need pretty fast machine, because some of the runs may last more than 30 hours. Can yoh please tell me which laptop of these is better:
1. Toshiba Satelite P75-A7200 i7-4700MQ/8GB DDR3/750GB HDD/17.3"
2. Lenovo Ideapad G710 i7-4702MQ 8GB DDR3/1TB + 8GB SSHD/GT720M 2GB/17.3"

thanks in advance
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  1. Are u sure u don't want a desktop to run a 30hr process

    If the process is cpu dependent which i probably think it is then Toshiba Satellite P75-A7200 is better
  2. yes, I know that the desktop pc is best solution, but those analyses are for my PhD, and I need to be able to take the program and the laptop to the faculty, so I can discuss results and modificatios with my menthor...
    I actually need big enough RAM memory, and a laptop that won't overheat and shut down unexpectedly, like my current HP probook.
  3. What software are u using? Is it custom built software? Are there any recommended system requirements for the software? Really need to know whether the process is cpu dependent or also depends on the gpu and a budget and a preferable online site
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