"reboot and select proper boot device" on re-installing OS

I keep getting an error on start-up that says "Reboot and select proper boot device." I got this after formatting my hard drive to try to install Windows 7 again. So far I've tried every solution I've found on the internet, including checking the boot order in the BIOS, checking the connections in the optical drive, using USB's and CD-ROM's, using different versions of Windows, and using different software to convert the ISO into a usable format. Nothing works.
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  1. if you have more then one hard drive connected or a ssd. check to see when the windows put the system reserve partion. this is the boot partion and on reinstalling windows you may need to go into advance mode and remove all of your partion and let windows make a new one. if windows wont boot see if the mbr is damaged or there a virus on it. in the bios on your mb check that the sata ports set to achi mode and your boot disk is set as the first boot device and it on the intel or amd port. most third party ports like acmdia ports are for data drives not os drives.
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