Getting a new SSD... what do I do?

I ordered a new SSD that should be here tomorrow. I'm going to put my OS on the drive and wipe my old drive and use it as extra backup. How should I go about this? I've never put multiple drives on a computer so I'm not entirely sure the process that I need to do.

Any help would be appreciated :D
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    1.) Install your O/S on your new drive with your old drive disconnected
    2.) After you install your O/S on your new drive, shut down your system and connect your old drive.
    3.) Boot to your new drive
    4.) Go into Windows Explorer, right-click on your old drive's drive letter, and select "Format"
    5.) Quick format your old drive
  2. You can wipe everything from HDD except the OS.

    If you’re trying to format the C drive — the primary partition that your operating system is installed on — you can’t do it under Disk Management or by right clicking on drive letter and select Format. It’s impossible. In order to format C you’ll need to boot an operating system from another source — this can be a CD drive, flash drive.
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