EVGA GTX 760 getting extremely low FPS recently

Hello Tomshardware users,

My EVGA GTX ACX 760 card has been experiencing extremely low FPS numbers recently. I noticed it badly today when playing Dota 2, as I was getting less than 30 fps with the same settings I have used for multiple months (down from over 100 fps). I figured maybe it was maybe vsync or the NVIDIA/EVGA control panels bugging out, so I turned them off (cleared all settings to default on the control panels) and I saw a small rise in FPS, but still way short of what I would normally see.

So I decided to reset my computer and do some more testing. I popped open Metro 2033, and noticed at the menu screen that the FPS was unbearably low as the mouse cursing was lagging like crazy. I then tried out Unigine Heaven on ultra with 4x MSAA, and where I would normally be able to hover around 60 fps, I was getting between 8-13 fps.

The strange thing about this is, GPU-Z is showing that my GPU is using full load, but it never shows it going anywhere near load temperatures during Heaven benchmark.

So my question I suppose, is what is the best way for me to troubleshoot the card? All drivers are updated and everything was working fine before today. Is my card maybe just faulty? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    Did you install anything before you experienced this? a system restore could be the first thing to try

    You could then start with downloading and installing MSI Afterburner and using that to monitor your GPU usage

    You could try uninstalling your drivers from the control panel, using driversweeper to clean out the rest of the files, and then do a "clean" installation of whichever driver you please
  2. Also don't forget to monitor CPU usage.

    It is possible something is hogging your system, maybe some a$$hole remotely using your PC to attack servers or mine coins.
  3. Thanks for the help. After sweeping and reinstalling drivers everything was back to normal. Apparently in my glorious genius last night when I was messing around with custom resolutions in the NVIDIA control panel, I set my resolution to 2560x1600 and for some reason NVIDIA made it a default resolution when I thought I had removed it immediately. Strange that even setting the control panel back to default did not fix it. I thought it was weird that my desktop icons were scattered when I turned on my PC I thought I had been hacked into or something.
  4. LOL, glad that got fixed
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