2 SLI MSI GTX 780 TF OC Gaming Vs 1 MSI Ati R9290X

Which one will need higher PSU / hungry(beast) for power ?? & which one is better for gaming with 32" SONY TV 3D 1080P full HD ??
Thank you for your recommendation

spec :
Proc Sandy-E 3930K
Ram 16gb(2x8gb) pc2133 Corsair Dominator Platinum
Mobo MSI X79 GD45 Plus
Corsair H110i CPU Cooler
1 ssd 120gb corsair neutron
1 Tb hdd wd black sata 3
PSU Corsair AX860i
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  1. Two GTX 780 will definitely eat more power. And will outperform a single R9 290x.

    But you don't need two cards just for a 1080p screen.
  2. Why are you gaming on a TV? The pixel quality is lower and most TVs (even the expensive ones) have a high MS which causes ghosting among other issues. You should seriously look into investing in a nice monitor especially if you are going to be running 2x 780, one with a resolution higher than 1080p.
  3. Or you can just settle with one card and get a good monitor with the spare money.

    I would also recommend to avoid using the TV as a monitor, unless you're sitting far back as if playing on a console.
    I won't complain if you insist on using the TV. You are the king here, were just advisers.
  4. Best answer,9.html

    I'd recommend looking over that before deciding. If you Want you can go with anything really. But that'll show you the 290x vs 780sli vs 290x crossfire. I'd say got 290x and get it crossfire later or just go crossfire now.
  5. first for all, thank you for your advise to me as newbie here..
    already have the tv in the living room, at future i consider use monitor..
    for now only 2 old monitor 19" with different brand i have(1333 x 768, philips & benq)
    if i use 3 monitor 19" for 1 cpu, is it better use 2 SLI GTX than R9290X ??
    my house electricity can handle the psu for 900W max only, more than that will be black out..
  6. If you mean to have your games displayed across 3 screens, that's called Eyefinity (for an AMD card) or Nvidia Surround (for Nvidia card).

    For 19" monitors a single 290x is probably all you need.
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