GTS 450 + Single 12v Rail @ 20A

Hi, I recently purchased a Asus Nvidia GTS 450 for MMO game purposes and I'm wondering if my psu is enough for my Card. Here is a Pic of everything that is on my psu.:

I know.. It's not high end PSU, but it came with my case, and I am low on budget so I can't get a better one at the moment, but I will in 1-2months. Thanks for any help! btw I am running a gt 610 right now, my system "eats" about 320-370w on full load
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    I also have a 12V @ 20A rail, and a factory overclocked gts 450. no problem at all.
  2. Thank you :)) Have a good day and bless you for taking time to answer me!
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