i5 4330m with 256GB SSD or i7 4700mq with 500GB HDD plus 16GB Micro SSD

As the title suggests, what would you guys recommend.

I'm getting a new lenovo laptop and not sure which configuration to choose. Mainly going to use it for business (spreadsheets, docs, internet, etc) and some gaming, nothing too hardcore. Got a PS3 for that. Also watching movies.

I'd love the i7 with an SSD but budget won't allow it.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. get the i7. i think intel has some caching technology that allows you to use the 16gb as cache which is a great a improvement over standard hdd.
  2. Apparently the 16gb is for the OS.
  3. that's not enough for win7/8, i think it's the srt (the ssd would be invisible in this case maybe that's what it means):
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