Is the R9 280X causing a lot of artifacting problems?

I've been googling this card for a while now and seems like this card is having lots of artifacts problems. Is it just an isolated scenario restricted only to BF4 or were there artifacts in other games as well?

Been wanting to buy this card over the GTX770 but now i'm holding back after seeing lots of pple complaining abt artifacts. is it due to bad drivers or is it just the card itself that is faulty? If its driver, do you foresee them releasing new drivers soon?
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    You get artifacts appearing when you overclock a card and it's not stable. And yes it can even happen to factory overclocked cards. This problem is not limited to just the R9 280x.

    If you get a card that doesn't work as advertised, you can RMA it.
  2. Artifacts can come from bad psu, bad vrms on the card (Asus has some problems with its vrms) or as said unstable overclock
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