Zotac Gtx770 graphics issues (lines running horizontally across display)


About 5 weeks ago I built a new rig from scratch, everything was working well until this weekend when the graphics started having issues. Basically I hadn't used the PC for a few days, I then went to turn it on and the bios screen was all corrupted. The resolution is very low (almost like it is zoomed in on the bios screen), with chunky white lines running horizontally through the display. These artefacts are then also present once windows has loaded along with an error code 43 in device manager. Given that the issue is present in bios, and that I hadn't done any updates it is unlikely to be a software/driver issue.

So anyway I then took the computer to bits to try and see if anything was obviously wrong. Firstly I discovered that unplugging one of my case fans seemed to fix the problem. I then had some issues with the computer failing to boot correctly unless I removed the overclocking from my CPU. These fixes seemed to work for a few hours until the PC gave me a BSOD. Following this the problem has returned and nothing I do seems to be able to fix it.

My thoughts are that this is either a PSU issue (given that orginally actions which may affect the power consumption seemed to fix the issue) or a graphics card issue. I contacted the graphics card supplier and the guy said something like "yeah its probably the video RAM" but he really didn't dig into the issue too much so I don't really think this is a considered answer.

I should probably also add that I don't think that this an overheating issue as during benchmarking the temperature of the card remained sub 50 deg C, and even with the case open the issue isn't fixed.

So my question is has anyone got any experience of similar issues? Should I replace the PSU? Or should I RMA the graphics card? Or both?

Thanks in advance!

CPU: i7-4770k
MB: Gigabyte Z87-HD3
Graphics: Zotac GTX770 Amp Edition
PSU: Novatech PowerStation black edition 750W


I should also probably say that I tried the card in a different PCI slot but with no luck. Also I don't have other PCs to try the card out in so I can't easily diagnose if it is the card.

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  1. I`m preaty sure i have answered this already :)

    Once again:
    CMOS reset
    BIOS defaults load
    POST OK ?
    If yes boot OS and run FURMARK
    If the Test Fails then the first suspected is GPU
    If POST not OK
    Remove all but Mobo + CPU + 1x RAM + GPU
    POST OK ?
    Nop then you have HW problem - try other knowing good GPU or test you`rs on other PC

    Most common sence it`s GPU or PSU test each on to othe PC
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