Should I trade my 2x Radeon 7950s for a GTX 780Ti?

Due to the recent increase in interest of the R9 280x's, there's been a lot of people contacting me in regards to buying my 2x Radeon 7950s.

The best offer I got so far was $700 for the both of them (I'm hoping to build my new computer this year, and I'd like to have 2x GTX 780Tis)

I'm not sure if I should sell them, so I wanted your opinions. I don't run my cards crossfire due to driver issues with my 3D Modelling software so I'm not using part of the power already.
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    Why not? That's a heck of a lot of money for 7950's. You don't need them anyway.

    Or put it on auction and maximize your profit hehe.
  2. since a 280x (should) sell for about 300usd it's worth it. make sure your psu can take 2 780ti's - you need at least 850W for them.
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