What are the most important things to do on first start?

What are the most important things to change in Bios when first time turning on the pc and then what to do in boot menu first.
I bought ASUS B75M-PLUS and tomorrow im gonna put all the parts together , and i want to know what to do when I turn it on( what settings to change in bios and what in boot menu settings.)
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  1. If you have an SSD make sure it's set to AHCI mode, change your boot priority to go 1. optical drive 2.drive you want to install OS on (this is most likely not necessary). There really isn't anything you have to do.

    EDIT:link is right. You'll have to enable XMP if you got RAM faster than 1333 MHz.
  2. You'd want to check whether the motherboard is registering all the components correctly. For instance, checking whether your RAM is running at the right speed of 1600MHz instead of 1333MHz. If you're planning on overclocking, don't overclock yet obviously. Wait until after you install your OS. There really isn't much to do in the beginning apart from being in amazement of your newly built PC!

    **To install your OS, place in your media (DVD/USB) then go to Boot Priority and select whichever one. Escape and save bios, rerun the PC and install Windows.
  3. You shouldn't need to set anything, it should all be automatic.

    You may want to update (flash) the BIOS to the latest version.

    Set the time and date.
    Set the boot device order.
    Review your fan profiles to your satisfaction.

    Load your operating system

    If overclocking
    Enable XMP mode if overclocking your memory.
    Change CPU settings if overclocking.
  4. detection of the hardware and update of the dmi are the 2 most important things that bios should do on first boot it may take 2-3 boots to detect everything on some boards but generally 1s is enough.
    1s thats done you can go into bios and set it up as you would like. with things like boot order and ahci mode. start by loading optimized defaults, then adjust your boot order and ahci as these dont need to be set till your ready to install windows. a pc will happily post even if its ahci is disabled. it will still see the drives. so its not essential for first boot.
  5. I always like to disable the legacy serial port and parallel port. I have no need for those and it frees up a little bit of resources.

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