Building my own PC

I was wondering if all these parts are quality parts and if they were compatible.

CPU: AMD FX-6300
Motherboard: Socket AMD 3+ DDR3 SATA 3 ATX 970A-G43
Graphics Card: XFX 7850

I was also wondering if I would also be able to play WoW (World of Warcraft) on full Ultra
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  1. That MSI 970A-G43 is junk.

    Get an Asus board.
  2. What do you mean?
    Why is Catalyst Control Center necessary/useful?
    So, I saw in the Tutorial Bounties thread that some people have requested a thread about what Catalyst Control Center can be used for, and I figured I could make a thread about that, as I've used it for a few things.So, what is Catalyst Control Center,... Read More
  3. That motherboard you have chosen is bad. CHoose an Asus motherboard.
  4. Will it run?

    And how is it trash?

    Please be specific.
  5. Best answer
    HeAteMyBullets said:
    Will it run?

    And how is it trash?

    Please be specific.

    Bad VRM, virtually no VRM cooling, cheap design.
    Just a general piece of crap board from MSI.
    Read this if you like :
  6. I like it, they fit nicely. I will only recommend looking at a slightly better GPU

    R270 or gtx660 it's just one more step up and worth it for 1080P gaming.

    If you really want to play WoW get an nvidia card
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