VGA VS DVI at 1920 x 1080p

Hello guys i am in a bit of a mess.
I recently purchased an acer led ips monitor 23", and it supports dvi hdmi and VGA.
When i tried dvi and hdmi it just said no signal input then went on to standby every time however, the vga cable works.
The problem is i cant return the monitor because it isn't faulty :@ !! i wanted to know is there a huge notable difference if i use hdmi or dvi ?? or is 1920 x 1080 fine on vga ??
please help
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  1. It should be fine on VGA.
  2. have you try changing the input settings on the monitor?
  3. Yes ive tried to change the settings on the monitor but it just goes back to vga
  4. Yes there is a noticeable difference between VGA & DVI/HDMI.
  5. If the HDMI or DVI port on the monitor don't work, that's good enough for you to return it.

    Confirm it by running another HDMI or DVI display device with your graphics card.
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