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Hello forum,

I've recently upgraded my GPU to the gtx 670. However when playing BF4 i notice that I don't quite get the frames I was expecting.

After a little bit of reading around I found out that my CPU which is an AMD a10-5800k is bottle-necking my GPU.

So my questions are:

1) how much of a difference on performance would I see if I upgraded to a newer processor (leaning more towards intel).

2) Which processor should I look into purchasing in order to prevent bottlenecking issues incase I upgrade in the future.

Computer specs:
Asus gtx 670 2gb
8 gig ram 2x4
AMD A10-5800k
1920x1080 res
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    An intel would provide a significant increase in FPS, and likely remedy your bottleneck.

    Depends on your budget, but if it's possible, and seeing as how you need a new motherboard, I would go with the i5-4670k.
  2. Intel i5 is the minimum in my opinion. If you want to overclock buy a K version, if not with any i5 quad core.
  3. it would make a pretty big difference. That A10 just can't keep up with anything intel offers (including the haswell I3s). I think your best bet is to either get an I5 4670k, or like a I5 4430 (either go unlocked or go cheap, the stuff between is meh). If you want stick with AMD the 8320/8350 cpus seem to work as well as the I5s on bf4.
  4. You have an APU. Definitely not an ideal processing unit in a rig with a discrete GPU.

    how much of a difference on performance ?
    Well with an i5-2500K or better(let alone an i7)... a lot! The awesome power of Sandy, Ivy and Haswell Intel CPU's is pretty much "common knowledge", I would think...
  5. Thanks every1 for replying! Sorry I'm not the smartest person when it comes to computer specs. (learning :D)

    Could some one be as kind as to direct me towards an ideal motherboard for an i5 or i7 processor. Thanks.
  6. need a budget then I'd be happy to help (do you want an Unlocked cpu or just something that will work (no Ocing)
  7. Supahos said:
    need a budget then I'd be happy to help (do you want an Unlocked cpu or just something that will work (no Ocing)

    Not looking to overclock since I don't have the cooling to do so.

    Budget is looking like 200-250 for processor
    100-150 for a motherboard - not too familiar with motherboards.

    pretty good setup that comes in well under your budget, no OC potential, but should run your card smoothly and be a pretty big upgrade for your current rig.

    If you want a full atx board just get a different B85 board that is atx size. I've actually built a rig with the one in that build however and did like it.
  9. Thank you so much for the suggestions. I will look into both of these and figure out the rest :D
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