SSD Paging file vs. new ram

I'm in need of getting more RAM soon as my pitiful 1gb is becoming a drag, but, as i was considering upgrading to an solid state drive, i wondered if i could just create a huge ,for example 4gb, paging file on the SSD instead of having to buy new ram as well.

This option seems like a really good solution for me as i am well aware of the benefits of SSD's too.

Any replies are greatly appreciated, thanks.

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  1. RAM is still a lot faster than SSDs, so that's not a perfect solution.
  2. ram is much faster than any ssd available..

    Page file is a very frequent read and write activity, if your system lack of memory..
    and one of ssd weakness is this storage only have very limited write activity , for example 100.000 times before it will fail..

    So, the conclusion is, more ram is much much much better than put a ssd for paging file..
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