Upgrading GPU on Alienware x51

Hello. I bought my alienware x51 about a year ago and my current graphics card usually goes to about 75-85 c when playing Far Cry 3 on high settings. So I thought that for christmas i would wish me a new graphics card. The problem is. I heard that alienwares are hard to upgrade. So i need help for, what my psu can handle, which graphics cards would fit, etc.

My specs are:
8GB ram
Windows 7 home premium
intel core i5 2320 3ghz
nvidia geforce gtx 555
monitor is samsung syncmaster S27B350 and the native resolution is 1920x1080. Thanks in advance.
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  2. Yes, that is the one.
  3. OK then there is a problem because of the limited upgrade ability. Couple of previous solutions the second solution is the better one!
  4. So the solution is to buy a new case + power supply + graphics card, thats gonna get expensive, and i know nothing about pc's whatsoever.
  5. It is possible to upgrade but you are limited with your PSU and heat inside the case. A card that exhausts all the heat out is necessary!
    Based on this you probably can run GTX760 if you find the right card if you have the 330watt PSU.

    Something like this
  6. im gonna contact dell and find out what my motherboard and PSU is.
  7. Yes the PSU is a 330w and the motherboard is a h67 chipset made for the PC. I just want to be sure that the PSU can handle the new graphics card, and that the GPU fits where my gtx 555 sits.
  8. You will to Physically check the dimensions of the card to see if it fits. According to the last link I posted somebody put in a GTX660Ti and it runs fine on the PSU recommendations for that card is 450watt PSU but 500watts for the GTX760 although but actually is closer to 330watts here measured at the wall for total system so would be pushing it going with the GTX760.
  9. I read about 760 vs 660 and there doesnt seem to be alot of difference, of course the 760 is better but not by alot, and i dont wanna risk getting a graphics card that wont work.
  10. The GTX660 has been selling for good prices and would be a safe bet, just make sure it is designed to blow heat out of the case, not with a fancy open dual fan cooler.
  11. Uhm, i checked my graphic cards length and height on nvidias page, and it was : Height 11.115 CM and Lenght : 20.995.
  12. rolli59 said:
    The GTX660 has been selling for good prices and would be a safe bet, just make sure it is designed to blow heat out of the case, not with a fancy open dual fan cooler.

    So do you mean that the GPU is only allowed to have 1 fan?
  13. Basically cooler like this it will exhaust the heat inside the case!
    Like this it will blow all the heat out the back of the computer
  14. Ok, but what about the size of the graphics card, should i send a picture of what my pc looks like inside?
  15. Just measure the length that will fit but if you have picture fine
  16. Its hard to measure when the graphic card is already in
  17. Doesnt seem like i can add pictures to this post, so i uploaded them to imgur: and
  18. Looks to me that the Card can take the full length behind that metal bracket, am I right?
  19. I watch a video and i think i know where the card sits : where the red circle is the "clicker" to get the card out (i think) and the black square is where i think the GPU is
  20. The card is the green thing behind that long metal bracket!
  21. Yeah ok its bigger than what i drew
  22. Are you 100% sure its a 330w? Cause i looked on that black square thing hanging at the wire and it said "100-240v~4.4A"
  23. That is input voltage! I can not read the PSU label since it is behind one of those plates!
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