Msata/HDD vs SSD

I just ordered a new XPS 15 9530 with a 1tb HDD and a 32gb msata. I have read about issues with this configuration and was wondering if I could replace the HDD with 240gb intel 530 I have.

Drive size isn't really an issue 1tb was the smallest I could get with the configuration figuration I wanted.

If I did replace it would I notice a big difference and what would I do with the msata slot?
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    you dont need to replace it. you can just use the msata as cache in the intel storage manager. you will get the speeds of a sshd. or if 32gb is enough for you os you can keep the os on the msata everything else on the hdd.
  2. Is possible to clone the os to the msata? And formate the HDD all from the system?
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