ATI Radeon Mobility HD 4200 Reflowing/Reballding

ok im not sure if im in the right topic here so feel free to move it around if u have to.

So the other day one of my friends gave me his laptop because the technician where he brought it to repair the laptop told him the motherboard didnt work and that he had to buy a new one so he gave me the laptop so I can have the parts.
I decided to open it up and check it. The problem the computer had was the gpu chip. just a simple reflowing fixed it. But since the reflowing is not a permanent solution im going to do a reballding to the gpu chip.

So i was wondering if i manged to get my hands on another GPU chip like say a ATI radeo HD 7000m and reballed it instead of the original ATI Readon hd 4200m that it has. im pretty sure the BIOS wont support it. so I was wondering if a modding of the BIOS would be possible to make it work.

also if it needs a different or a higher CPU than the current one that it has ( turion II P560 dual core) to make this work i also have a AMD A6 quad core that i could change it for higher compatibility.

i just want to know if its possible to do this and if it is point me to the programs that i need to do this.
The computer is a sony vaio VPCEE43FX
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    well, this is hard topic..:D

    i have no experience with swapping i'm trying to answer it as far as i know..

    first, you have to make sure that amount of bga between hd7000m and your current 4200m have same amount..

    second, if yes, then you have to make sure that your current sb is recognize your hd7000m..

    third, yes, you have to modify your bios..but i have no idea about this..:D

    this is like swapping gddr3 from your your graphic card to gddr5..well, i've tried with this one, and nothing works..
  2. hahaha sorry for the hard topic.
    its that sometimes i get too creative and start wondering stuff and do this kind of projects
    but its true its hard i have been searching and i havent seen a post similar to this one or trace that someone else have try doing it.
    well i made some search and the 4200 indeed is gddr3
    im trying to find the bga to see if there is any difference but i cant seem to find them. im guessing they dont i would probably need to get a higher 4000 series to do this
    i have found some tools for modding bios so ill check into that later
  3. yeah..
    usually i do the same thing, wondering stuff, and do something weird for my weekend project..:D

    But just try it..who knows that it'll be work..maybe difficult, but worth to try..
  4. well after some more research i found that most chips do have the same bga now the problem is finding the correct chip XD
    most have the igp code but i cant find anywhere how to identify what series they are XD
  5. nice..!!
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