Guys my comp won't stop typing 'w' its really irritating, PLEASE HELP!!

Guys my comp won't stop typing 'w' its really irritating, the messed up part is, it dows that even after i pulled out the keyboard wires, i also managed to delete the key oard drivers and also restarted the comp like 4 times, i formatted the comp like a while ago, i have no idea if thats affecting it, but its keeping , tons of my work postponed, im using the razer black widow ultimate 2013
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  1. maybe you spilled something on it a while ago and that liquid is on the plastic transparent circuit doing that W. I spilled cola on a keyboard, I cleaned it internally with water :))... after 2-3 years problem started, V was 6 and things like this. the circuit on that transparent plastic was corroed in time by cola. (don't know if it's a proper explanation)
  2. No i have nevers pilled anything on the keyboard and also as i mentioned, even after unpluging the keyboard, deleting the drives and restarting with no keyboard at all, this error still happens, as soon as it starts up the second i click on the start menu w starts typing
  3. And the keyboard is not too old either i plugged it into my laptop and it works very fine
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    Okay i found the problem, it was my razer ouroborus's dock, which was causing it, it was actually installed as a keyboard drive too, and maybe the signals from the dock to my mouse messed up and caused the error, it fixed as soon as i disabled and uninstalled the ouroborus keyboard driver
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