Reinstall Windows 8 with Lost Disk

I built my computer last December with a Windows 8 OEM package and installed onto my current HD.

I just bought a 240GB SSD as an upgrade last week, and I would like to install Windows 8 onto the SSD.

I've read through the posts on cloning, and decided it makes more sense to do a fresh install. However, we just moved and I lost my Windows 8 install DVD

I tried to download windows 8 and I found my product key using Belarc Advisor, but Microsoft says "this product key cannot be used to install a retail version of Windows 8."

So essentially, I have the code, but not the disk. I have a working version of Windows installed, but I want it on the other hard drive.

Is there anything I can do? I wanted to download the Windows 8 ISO, place it on the flash drive, and then boot-install to the SSD, but I cannot even download it now.

Is there a way to create the ISO from my installed version of Windows 8.1?

Thank you for your help!
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  1. Can anyone help me here?

    Spent 2 hours with support and must have talked to like 4-5 different people. One guy said I needed to order a $15/replacement disk, but then tried to remote access my computer and spent like 15 minutes on there and I started getting sketched out... Not sure if potential ID thief or just incompetent...

    Apparently Newegg sells non-retail versions of Windows 8 btw!
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