virtualization performance (yet another amd vs intel)


I'm going to build acouple of hyper-v rigs, and can't seem to make up my mind if i should go the amd or intel route.

My question is: If we don't think about the sales price for the cpus, what will be the best performer in a virtualization rig with 8 VMs running?

The i7 4771 or the FX-8350? Is the 4 intel cores so good that they beat the AMD's 8?
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  1. If you really want a lot of VMs running have you considered running a LGA2011 rig? The 64gb of memory might be worth it on its own in that setup.
  2. Yeah have considered, but came to the conclusjon that it would be overkill for my "homelab", since i do want to build two boxes so i can do a HA cluster.. but ofcourse, dual cpu would be nice aswell hehe
  3. Of course one potential issue with the 2011 build is do any of the socket 2011 processors support VM? I know the K processors don't like running like that on the 1150 platform, not sure about 2011.
  4. Both kinda have 8 threads, depending on how you interpret marketing. The 4771 might give you slight edge for some tasks, but likely not worth the net cost.
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