I have been having very slow wifi with only one computer and one specific router


Computer is using wireless

Computer has a PCI E 3.0 wireless card


Computers internet is slow at my current home so I took it to someone else's house and it works completely fine.
I brought it back home and it has the same problem.
No other devices have any problems with the wifi, they are used in all rooms of the house including the room the computer is in.
I right clicked on the wireless SSID in the bottom right of the task bar and clicked on status, it seems whenever I open an app which connects to the internet the speed drops well below 130mbps whereas if I leave the computer alone it stays steady... is this normal?

To troubleshoot I have:

-Reinstalled windows 7
-Formatted all drives
-Ran Bitdefender

Any idea what is wrong?
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  1. What's the router model?

    How far are you from the router?
    Are there any walls separating between you and the router? If so, are these cement or drywall?

    You should also check internet speed at speedtest.net and post the results vs. your actual internet speed that you've set with your ISP.
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