DIY water cooling Sapphire HD 7990 in Corsair 200R

Dear all,

I would like to water cool my HD 7990 (GPU only, cpu cooling unnecessary) with a big external radiator, because my case (Corsair 200R) cannot mount a decent radiator inside. The radiator has to be big (at least 360mm) because I might add another 7990/7970 later, and becaues 7990 has two GPUs.

Other requirements are to minimize the cost (best below 500$), and to achieve a quiet cooling system with the temperature below 75 degrees at full speed. I plan to order this

What else do I need? Could you recommend the other components? I intend to build a loop by myself. Thanks a lot.
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  1. It this water block overkill? what about saving 40$ without the backplate?

    I also planed to take a radiator like this ...
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