GTX 690 over a 780 lightning for 1440p

So I was originally going to get a 780 lightning but then my friend offered to sell me his gtx 690 for $500 (upgrading to a 780 ti). I game on a 2560x1440 monitor. I would have loved to get an r9 290 but it looks like the after market cards aren't coming until January.

I've never had a multi-gpu configuration before. Essentially:
2gb with 256 bit bus vs 3gb with 384 bit bus for 1440p
SLi vs single gpu frame times
600 series technologies vs 700 series (i.e. gpu boost 2.0)
$500 vs ~$550

3770k at 4.4ghz
ASRock mITX mobo
750w PSU
Fractal Design Node 304

edit: I forgot to add that the only games I play which don't support SLi are older titles that wouldn't benefit from a second GPU (they're already getting over 100fps with a single 680)
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  1. 780 would be better, especially over-clocked, no real reason to go with the 690 other than the sexiness.
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