Is 99C for GTX 645 2 GB Bad when gaming.

I just got a new computer from HP. It has a GeForce GTX 645 2GB. When I do common stuff, like search the internet. My GPU rises to 40C, which I think is normal. But when I play games like BF3 on medium graphics, it rises to 90C and sometimes 99C. Is this normal?

I used speed fan but couldn't tell which fan was for the GPU. I am afraid I might have messed up some things in speedfan. Is there a way to set the fan speed to automatic/default.

I definitely could hear the fan getting louder when my games start to run, also the normal RPM for my 2 fans (which I don't know which is for which component) is 800 RPM. When I game, it rises to 1500RPM. My other computer rises to 2000RPM. Which has the HD 4250. I want to also make the fan go up to 2000 RPM ONLY if this temperature isn't normal.
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  1. I'm not entirely sure about the temperature ranges for that specific card, but 90-99C is not healthy, period.
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