Best GPU for my Hp envy 700-074

hi can i ask what is the best GPU i can buy with this kind of CPU hp 700-074..

here is the complete specs

just wondering is this CPU is good for gaming?
what GPU can i buy that would fit with this CPU that i don't need to change my PSU....
i think it has only 460W..

can i install HD Redeon 7790 or 7850?
or any recommended GPU for this pc..

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    Do yourself a favor and get a AMD R7 260x instead of the Radeon 7790. The two cards are almost the same except the R7 260X has 2 GB GDDR5 rather than 1 GB GDDR5 on the 7790.
  2. hmm R9 270X is around 220+$ only at best buy..
    and R7 260x is about 180$..

    should i go to R9 270x?
    what is the min power suplly for a R9 270x?
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