Which card for those specs? GTX 650Ti Boost vs GTX 660

Hello everyone,
I'm planning to buy a GeForce 650Ti Boost 2GB OC, either MSI TwinFrozr or Asus DirectCu II. Two of my friends, who are into all that hardware-stuff, told me it should work with my specs. Here they are:
- Intel Core 2 Duo E8200 2,66GHz
- MSI P35 Neo2-FIR
- 6GB DDR2
- Corsair vx450W
I know the CPU may be limiting the graphic card's full potential - I'm planning to overclock it this month.

Anyway, my question is - would my specs be enough to work with GeForce 660? You see, the problem is that the 650Ti Boost is almost unreachable now in my country, as the price got lower and lower and all the stuff has been sold out. Don't know if it's gonna be available again anytime soon. But I've seen that there's still 660 available, plenty of those, and it's just a bit more expensive, so I'm wondering if it will work with my hardware.

And I'm not planning on changing anything else in my computer for at least next 1,5/2 years - I just want a new graphic card so I can play a few new games on high settings (I'm not a hardcore gamer, I just need something that won't cause some major FPS drops here and there; and I'm playing ocassionaly).

So what do you think? Will it work? :)
TIA for the answers!
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  1. get the 650ti, the 660 would be a waste to you. Your cpu is going to bottleneck the 660 easily. In fact, it's possible ti might even bottlenck the 650ti boost, but Idk for sure about that.
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