Latitude e6220 , any upgrade options ?

Was in the market for a new computer for music production. I'm not rich (yet) so went for a refurbished grade "a" latitude e6220 with an i5 2520m for the, I think bargain price of £270. (Haggled £30 off)

2 questions,
Will this laptop take 4th gen core I's?

If not, what's the best CPU I can get, I know an i5 will set me right at the moment, but if I'm running a lot of vst's and large multi track rendering I don't want no hick ups,

Sorry I don't yet know the chipset of the laptop as it didn't state on the site.

I post as soon as I know ! ,

Thanks !
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    No, you cannot use a 4th gen CPU with this computer. The CPU is has is perfectly fine though, no need to change it.
  2. Thank :)
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