Can a motherboard cause errors on memtest?

Just bought some new components to build my first pc.
i'm able to start it and surf on the web but when playing games i get a bluescreen 1-40min into the game.
At first i thought it was the ram so i did a memtest and got around 1 million errors on it.
I did send back the ram which i thought was broken but the store that i bought it from didnt find any errors.
So now i think my motherboard is broken and my question is can a broken motherboard cause errors on a memtest even if the ram is not damaged.
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    Yes a fried motherboard will give you "1 million errors" with you RAM My first build accually was like that i had them send another RAM stick to confirm it, and sure as shit it was a DOA motherboard(ASRock N68c-GS)
  2. Yes the mobo can as can the CPU
  3. Thanks for the answer!
    Just got a small followup question.
    I will now disconnect all cables and stuff but when i remove the cpu cooler, do i need to add more cooling paste when i put it back together or can i use that which is still on(its 30 days old)?
  4. I'd use new thermal compound
  5. Tradesman1 said:
    I'd use new thermal compound

    +1 I'd always when taking your CPU cooler off apply new thermal paste, just to be on the safe side. Make sure you clean off the paste that's on the cpu + cooler to ensure an even spread. A pea sized dot in the middle of the CPU should do the trick as the cooler will even the paste out when put on.
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