Graphics card crashes and makes my windows strange.

Hi Guys, i got a radeon 7870 HD from AMD, and after some time playing games the screen freezes and if i try to use ctrl + alt + Del, it's all black until i hover over the options with the mouse, the same thing happens when i'm right clicking when i'm at desktop, it's all invisble until i hover over the options. All things that has to do with windows texture if you're able to say that, is the text invisble. I tried reinstalling my drivers to all my stuff, but it dind't work. I'm in quite a pain, my hardware :
Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro Rev.2 - 92mm
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium w/SP1 - 64bit Licens og medie 1 PC Dansk
BenQ GL2450 - 24? 2ms Blank sort
Seagate Barracuda harddisk - 3.5? SATA-600 1TB
Kingston HyperX blu - 8GB DDR3 1600MHz PC3-12800 CL10
Intel Core i5 3570 / 3.4 GHz Processor - LGA1155
ASUS HD7870-DC2-2GD5-V2 grafikkort - 2GB
Gigabyte GA-Z77P-D3 - ATX LGA1155
Corsair Builder Series CX600 V2 - 600W 120 mm black

Please, do ask if you need some more information!
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  1. Sounds like the card is bad. Return it for a replacement.
  2. Dogsnake said:
    Sounds like the card is bad. Return it for a replacement.

    Hmm, you sure? It couldn't be anything else?
  3. Well if you have updated your drivers, made sure the case is clean and the ventilation is good (including the cards fan and heat sink), not over clocked; yup I would figure the card is crapping out. You are not getting any error notices from windows so I do not think it is a windows issue. And you make no mention of issues during normal use (surfing the web and whatever). You have integrated switch to it and check to see if the issue goes away. You will need to attach the monitor to the MB display output and select the new graphics device in the bios. You will not get the same game performance so set all the game video settings to minimum for the test. If the issue continues then we will look elsewhere. But this is an easy test of the video card being the cause.
  4. Dogsnake said:
    Well if you have updated your drivers

    Well, it dó only happen when i play games, i Think it shows me The "graphics Card has crashed and recovered, but The text is invicible :/ I tried put it ón The lowest settings, but it still crashed.. It's Odd cause some games it crash after 2-3 hours, and some after 10-20 minutes..
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