Is 7850 and 270x crossfire compatible

I want to know if the 7850 and 270x are crossfire compatible. I know that 7850 and 7870 are compatible and 270x is basically a rebranded 7870 so they seem to be compatible.
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  1. I don't know if that can be done, hypothetically if it can be done, it will just turn itself (270x)into a 7850 to match. So you wouldn't benefit much.
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    From what I have read with Crossfire both cards have to have the same chip. That is why you can Crossfire a 7950 with a 7970 they are both the same chip. I can't say about the 270x and the 7850 as I have not read up on the new AMD cards very much. But from what I could google yes you can but the 270x would just run at the speed of the lower card,the 7850. So if you could find another 7850 that might be a better idea for a Crossfire depending on the price of course.
  3. ok thanks. i'll get a 7850 instead
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