Micro ATX Case and motherboard compatibility (USB and VGA lining up with case?)

Hey guys I'm really new this is my first build ever, and I just wanted to know if these two are compatible:


The reason I'm asking is because i looked at the back of the case and i noticed that the VGA and the keyboard/mouse things wouldn't line up.

Do I have to find a compatible case as well? Or is there a way to remove the back of the case or something?

Also, I'm planning on installing this graphics card later on:

Would this work with the case too? Also, if you know these things, is it too powerful/weak for the motherboard?

And finally, if one of these don't work, any suggestions in the same price range?

Sorry if this is an obvious question, I am so new to this (meaning I watched newegg's tutorial last week).

Thanks for answering!
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    The IO plate on the case comes off. Your motherboard will come with a IO plate that is matched just for that motherboard. You remove the one that comes with the case and insert the one that comes with the motherboard. Each motherboard comes with one specific for that board.

    As for the GPU fitting I can't really comment on that because I have not ever used nor would I ever use any case smaller than a Full Tower. And I could not find anyone on Newegg using that case with a large full length GPU sorry. Mayby some one else can chime in on that.

    As for it working on the motherboard that should be no problem.
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