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Okay soon I will be purchasing a gaming laptop for around 1000 dollars, and I have narrowed my decision down to two different ones.
Had an AMD 8970m, however is stuck with an A10-5750M

On the other hand theres the
It has an i7, but has two 750m's in SLI

Is the 8970m with an A10-5750m going to be better than the i7 with two 750m's for gaming? I guess it depends on how CPU intensive the game is, but I'm not sure if the A10 is THAT bad...
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    based on card pure performance, single 8970m is around 30% faster than 750m SLI..

    based on processor performance, a10 5750, just as fast as first generation of i3 330 series..

    but, even if a10 bottlenecking 8970m card, it's still gain more fps than i7 +sli 750m..even if the game is very cpu intensive..

    So, for pure gaming, a10 5750 + 8970 is better than i7 + sli 750m..
  2. Wish the AMD processor wasn't so shitty :/.
    EDIT: What about an i7 as in the others with a GTX 765m
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