is this a good mini itx gaming pc build 700 dollar budget
I wanna build a gaming pc but i wanna to be able to be portable so i can take it to a friends house or something and also sit in the living room to watch movies and stuff
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  1. Looks great. I would change the PSU to an XFX550 for better quality though.
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    Yeah it's pretty solid. If it were me, in addition to what tiny voices said, I'd probably spend a bit less on the CPU, a bit more on the motherboard and the HDD (1TB is much better value) and possibly rethink the graphics card (HD7870 is usually quite a lot cheaper for something fairly similar).

    Also, the Node is really cool, but it's quite a lot more expensive than the relatively similar Elite 130.

    For reference, same budget but bigger HDD, better motherboard and better graphics -
    (Memory is wrong in that it will only run at 1600Mhz, but it was the cheapest available).
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