i want to find an intel motherboard that will work in my Dell Inspiron M5110

My laptops motherboard (AMD) got fried in an electrical storm and i want to replace the board with another motherboard that supports intel chipset. I use a piece of DJ equipment that says it will not work with AMD chipset and i'm limited to only using this gear on my desktop. I'm not looking to replace the laptop, just the Motherboard. Is there a way to find out a board that will fit? The stock motherboard is The Hudson-M3 (AMD A70M Chipset). Thanks for all your help..
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  1. Laptops are nowhere near as standardized and upgradeable as desktops. You may get lucky and find another Dell laptop that came with an Intel chipset and uses the same port configuration, but I wouldn't count on it.

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    Dell is very proprietary if there is an Intel version of the same notebook that is EXACTLY the same you have a chance otherwise your choices are get the standard replacement AMD, or buy yourself another notebook this one with an Intel CPU.
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