bf4 huge fps drops (7950 + oc fx-6300)

My battlefield is out of control. I am running an hd 7950 and my cpu is an fx-6300 oced to 4.0. I usually run around 130 fps (in low) but the game randomly drops to as low as 2! This makes no sense to me. Any solutions?
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  1. where in the game? multiplayer or single player? do the drops happen frequently, or just once off? if during multiplayer it's not unusual, if it loses connection to the server or something.
  2. it is multiplayer and just randomly. Like even when there is no real activity. Like after death waiting to deploy and suddenly just no fps at all.
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    i had the same issue a while back, where the framerate would randomly drop dramatically. I had had this issue in bf3 aswell, and i finally solved for this christmas! :)

    I have changed alot in my computer for the last year or so, hoping to make it stop (hd 7850 to 280x, phenom 965 be to fx 6300), but the problem kept on being apparent whenever i would start bf or farcry 3.

    I turned out, that i could stop these drops, by cooling my mobo (between the socket and pci e slot) in an ekstreme fashion, and this made me realize, that it was my motherboard which was the problem :) i therefore got the m5a99x, and there is absolutely no problems now!! :) i dont know if we are experiencing the same problems, but it is worth the try! :)

    at the moment i am extremely pleased, and i realy hope, that this helped you! :)
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