Best graphics card under $150?

I've made many threads already but just to be sure, here is my last try.
First, my computer specs.
CPU: AMD A10 6800K OC 4.7
MEMORY: 8GB DDR3 2133 MHZ. 2x4
psu: something 700 watts
My case is fine, it's a custom built so i know it will fit.

Ok. Now, what graphics card under $150, can run next gen games (at low or medium) and current gen at high-ultra with playable fps? On my current rig, the Apu handles some games pretty well, bf3 at 20-40fps onhigh and medium settings, WoW at high with 60+fps, and Planetside 2 at low-medium 20-35fps. I will not use the integrated graphics once i get a graphics card.
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