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A few days after Christmas I'm ordering my pc parts however the one thing I'm stuck on is the case. I really like the windowed version of the Fractal Design Define R4 however £95 is case budget (pretty high buget in the first place) and the case uses all that budget but it comes with only 2 fans and if 2 are not enough for my system then I'll get the non-windowed one and buy another fan of which I'll need advice on best placement of said fan (I'll respond with system specs if needed)
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    In general you only need the front intake and rear exhaust fans. For better air flow you can add top fans too. When you put your cooler in, have it blowing air towards the back exhaust fan to get rid of the heat from your case.

    If you are really worried about temps, you could drop down to the Cooler Master HAF line, spend 50 bucks or so for a 912 and buy some fans for it. Not quite as nice as the Define, but not a bad enclosure at all.
  2. two fans are fine for most air cooling as there set in push/pull set up. if you need to later you could add a few fans. a cheaper case may be the r300 window unit from cosair.
  3. Thanks for the replies you've put my mind at rest :)
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