What direction should I place my PSU?

Should I face it up or down? I have a Corsair CX 600W and a Rosewill Challenger U3
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  1. with fan facing up.
  2. If you want to take in hot air face up. If you want cold air face down.
  3. Either way, you have the vent below so it can suck in from down there, but it also doesn't make a significant difference if you have it facing up. If you have it on a fluffy carpet though the bottom air vent will likely be blocked so i would put it up, but if you have it on wood either way will work.
  4. well best to have it fan pointing upwards unless u got a fan grill under ur case and can blow out the air.

    in doubt face it up
  5. Hi -
    I googled the Rosewill Challenger U3 and my answer is based on the images that I saw.

    To clarify, by "up or down" I assume you mean should you place this so that the intake pulls air through the intake screen from the bottom of the case, or it pulls air from inside the case.

    I would always go with placement so that the PSU's airflow does not have to compete with any other airflow.

    From personal experience, a previous build that I did has the PSU pulling air from inside the case and venting out the back. There was no option for me to install it any other way. This has led to an interesting problem. If I turn the case exhaust fans up to high, they over-power the PSU fan and draw air *backwards* through the PSU. I can't imagine that is good for the PSU fan, and so I avoid it by manually controlling and balancing the speed of the case intake fans (3 of these) and the exhaust fans (two of these.)

    Another practical consideration is that having it separated from the rest of the internal case air means that, hypothetically, it will be easier for your PSU to stay cool, since it will not be using the pre-heated air from inside the case.

    From the images I googled, it looks like there is a screen across the bottom of your case. That's good. Just keep an eye on it and vacuum it off when it starts to get dusty.

    And make sure that your PC is sitting on a hard surface where it has good airflow. Setting it on a carpeted floor is probably not what you'd want to do.

    Hope this helps!
  6. So I leave the fan up? Or will that make it hotter?
  7. in most cases leaving fanup is the way to go unless ur computercase has a fangrill under ur case so air going under the case.
  8. medicmedic said:
    So I leave the fan up? Or will that make it hotter?

    Fan up will take warm air to your PSU and blow it out the back..
  9. powersupplies are made to have fanup, u can put it down but if the air doesnt have a fangrill to go out its gonna get warm.
  10. My case has a fan-grill. Does it still not matter either way? Face up?
  11. Best answer
    Hi Medicmedic -

    The overwhelming and consistent advise you seem to be getting is to install the PSU "Face down" so that it pulls air through the grill on the bottom of your case and exhausts air through the back.

    You may also be interested in these articles from Tom's. Although a bit old, they cover all of the basics and then some about case cooling.,3058-5.html,3053-4.html

    Hope this helps.
  12. cheers mr.frog
  13. Okay I will put the fan facing down towards the filter
  14. Thanks everyone
  15. excellent glad to help medicmedic
  16. medicmedic said:
    Thanks everyone

    Goodluck! Dont forget to pick an answer :D
  17. cool story. but ya i agree with u mr.ocampo
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