To return or not to return

I am new to PC building and I have read that any more than 8GB is a waste for gaming. With that said, I had purchased Crucial Ballistix Sport 16GB for $119 before reading this.

The memory can be returned. Eventually I do plan on making videos on games I play (I've read this is a factor).

My question to you is should I return it to get something else?
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    Keep the 16GB.
    A system isn't just for games and it's best to have 16GB especially when your rendering or encoding a video clip
    of the game plays you record.
  2. Since you've bought it already, I prefer keep them. Yes they say it's waste when it comes to gaming purposes but still, if you gonna something else using other programs and gaming at the same time, it would be better to have 16gb just in case.
  3. thank you so much guys. I truly appreciate it
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