Adding an old hdd to a new pc

Hello all,

I have two win7 PCs. What I would like to do is remove the HDD of one the PCs and add to the other one so that I just have one PC.

Now I know that I can't JUST add the HDD as it has an OS on it as well. Also I'm guessing I would have to format the drive before I can add it? And I need to keep all the data on the hard drive that I need to move. I would like to work with the data on both the PCs but only under one OS.

I hope I have explained myself properly haha

So I'm feeling a bit lost as to how I should go about doing this. Please help!

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    Actually you can just add it if it's sata. As long as you have it set to boot to the right hdd, you're good.
  2. k1114 is correct.

    You can either delete the directories manually,
    or you can move your data first to the new drive, then format the old drive; Then you can move your data back to the old drive.
  3. haha awesome! thanks :)
  4. If you are using the old Windows 7 license key from the old HDD on the new hard drive, then YOU legally have to remove Windows from the old hard drive.
  5. Having another pc's windows hdd on another pc isn't illegal at all, it's common for troubleshooting. The reason being he's not using the software nor the key. But if he were to boot to that hdd, if it's an oem key it will deactivate itself anyways. If it's retail then it's transferable and won't matter. So either way, you don't have to do anything.
  6. You can't have the same license key on two hard drives, period; It is illegal and it does not matter whether or not you use it as your boot drive or not.
  7. Nowhere did he say it was the same license key.
  8. The hdds are from 2 different pcs, 2 different keys.
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