need help choosing psu/cpu cooler!

ok guys I'm taking the plunge and upgrading my rig for maximum gaming performance and I've pretty much decided on this for my budget

I figure i can SLI later on when the 780s drop in price a bit more and crank out a few more years of goodness so what power supply do you recommend to be safe? and cpu coolers I'm clueless about lol my last build was 6 years ago so this is huge for me! any suggestions would be well recieved also!
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  1. I recommend a Corsair RM1000 for maximum overclockling/SLI potential. For CPU coolers, I recommend a Corsair H100i for the best temperatures.
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    For a system using two GeForce GTX 780 graphics cards in 2-way SLI mode NVIDIA specifies a minimum of a 850 Watt or greater system power supply that has a maximum combined +12 Volt continuous current rating of 60 Amps or greater and that has at least two 6-pin and two 8-pin PCI Express supplementary power connectors.

    Total Power Supply Wattage is NOT the crucial factor in power supply selection!!! Sufficient Total Combined Continuous Power/Current Available on the +12V Rail(s) rated at 45°C - 50°C ambient temperature, is the most critical factor.

    Overclocking of the CPU and/or GPU(s) may require an additional increase to the maximum combined +12 Volt continuous current ratings, recommended above, to meet the increase in power required for the overclock. The additional amount required will depend on the magnitude of the overclock being attempted.

    Are you looking for an air CPU cooler or a closed liquid loop CPU cooler?
  3. I need help picking an Air cooler for an ASUS Maximus Hero VI... I'm looking at Phantek. Which ones won't block my RAM and stuff?
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