need help choosing psu/cpu cooler!

ok guys I'm taking the plunge and upgrading my rig for maximum gaming performance and I've pretty much decided on this for my budget

I figure i can SLI later on when the 780s drop in price a bit more and crank out a few more years of goodness so what power supply do you recommend to be safe? and cpu coolers I'm clueless about lol my last build was 8 years ago so this is huge for me!
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    power supply:
    rather high end, 80+ platinum rated.
    this is a semi-customizable all-in-one cooler.
    you can also try cheapo cooler master hyper 212 evo, or high end noctua nh d14 (it's heavy, not sure the msi z87 board in the build would be able to hold it for a long time), or corsair h80i (non-customizable aio cooler)
    motherboard alternative:
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